Improve Your Social Media Following Immediately With One Action


This sure-fire winning strategy for improving a social media following can be the biggest hurdle for clients to overcome, but it couldn't be a more simple solution. With a shift of perspective, it's actually easy to put into practice. 

Be Present

That's it. Log in everyday (or almost everyday – I won't tell) and be part of your online community. Your first goal for your online presence should be making connections with real people. Like and comment on other people's posts. Find future collaborators. Give as well as take. 

When You Never Engage With Others, They Know

We all know somebody who never pays attention to our posts, never comments on our goings-on, and never has a clue what their friends are up to, because they never look at their feed. The only time they log into Facebook or Instagram is to share their new blog post (TA-DA!), and then leave immediately. We all know what they're doing. After a while friends stop engaging with them and their posts, because it feels so one-sided. 

Pay attention to how you use social media platforms. Remember that SOCIAL was always supposed to be the most important part. If you use social media platforms like a free billboard, people will feel it and will most likely scroll right past you.  

But I'm Really Busy

Everybody is busy. Look at your time management honestly. Perhaps you don't want to devote your time to social media, so you spend that time doing that thing you do best, like designing your next masterpiece. While it is most important to do your special thing, being part of a community also needs your time, even if it comes in small spurts.  

An online presence is crucial in today's business world. Try seeing it as an investment, and spend some of your precious time-capital on being part of an online community. It will pay off.

Five or Ten Minutes a Day

Checking in with others online five or ten minutes everyday will add up over time: having a conversation, getting back to private messages, responding to comments, liking posts. Be yourself, be a friend to others. You may find it's actually fun to have friends online. You may find that it opens doors to referrals and collaborations that grow your business in ways you never anticipated. Enjoy your community and great things will come to you!

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